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so in the news world war 3 is starting....whelp my nightmares were right, if you guys wanna say anything to me say it now before a lot of people die which most likely include me// I might be a bit tired and paranoid
Well I’m bored and have nothing to do before bed. I want to make new friends or be closer with my friends that I already have. I haven’t really done any art lately cause I’ve been depressed and have some problems at school and problems that make me go to the hospital alot (I’m not gonna say anything publicly because I’ll seem like a “attention seeker”) if anyone comments on this and I’m asleep I’ll just talk after school to get my mind off things
I'm sorry I haven't been on much, I'm stressing a lot with year 11, so far it's too much for me. And my ex's friends are harassing me for having piercings (have no idea why??? Lmao) and my last relationship was so bad I just lost interest in males, I'm just in love with girls. I have a crush at school and I might draw her If I have time and if I can even draw someone beautiful ;;
I'm sorry peeps, I'm failing miserably at my drawing that's actually a good idea for once so I can't do my Valentines drawing ;; now I'm gonna lose watchers ;;
I won't be able to draw for a while I'm sorry, I'm going through something really tough that happened recently. Only my close friends can know so I don't seem like a "attention seeker" so note me if you wanna know. Please don't take it out on me and give shit to me and blame me for it being my fault since everyone has been doing that ;;
I'm sure none of you are dumb enough to believe what Alexis says.
1. We used to be close and she very well knew about all my characters.
2. She blocked my friend cause she knows the truth.
3. I would've talked to her myself but she blocked me on everything so I had no choice.
4. I brought her back on Deviantart.
5. Don't call me Raven, at ALL. Atleast call be bitch ;)
6. You know, don't fucking lie.
7. I said your OC LOOKS LIKE MY FUCKING OC Destiny. So don't delete what I said to make me look bad.
8. You blocked me because I got mad at you for bullying me.
9. I've been waiting for a very long time for you to change them, you lied to everyone I let you use the designs for fucks sake. You probably deleted the comments.
10. You weren't depressed when we were in the last argument, you were looking for attention when you started this shit on me, you even said so yourself. YOU made ME more depressed when you bullied me. You're a backstabbing snake, that's why I didn't forgive you and be your friend again
Um...fuck it if I'm gonna get hate fuck you but Alexis (no not Kitshime sorry if I got the name wrong I love her) but she made a rip off of my main oc, I'm not surprised since she done it with both of my other ocs. Why is it fucking okay huh? Why is everyone fucking ignoring it, I said no plenty of times that she couldn't use anything of mine…
And you all know MY fucking CHARACTER…………
Um...fuck it if I'm gonna get hate fuck you but Alexis (no not Kitshime sorry if I got the name wrong I love her) but she made a rip off of my main oc, I'm not surprised since she done it with both of my other ocs. Why is it fucking okay huh? Why is everyone fucking ignoring it
Prove that I'm manipulative, prove that I'm a mean attention seeking person. Yeah I'm a bitch but I'm kind to my friends, I'm only attention seeking to my friends, I honestly don't see how I'm manipulative. By "helping" me, I'd say the things that made me happier but you never done it with me, I only put down bitches that I hate. I let my friends vent to me too, I have one that I've been close friends with since preschool and I'm still close with her, she asks for help with her problems which I do. Yeah I'm a bitch but I can be kind unless someone pisses me off. I get hurt everytime my friends or ex friends backstab me. True friends stay with you when you're depressed (or on drugs or whatever your problem is) and not say how much of a shitty person they are and lie about them. I have mental problems but it doesn't mean you treat me like shit, I was happy for a while (for two weeks and it was about three weeks ago) but I'm worse than I was before as in crying. If you can't handle my worst you aren't getting my best. You said I could talk anytime, wanted me to hang out with you and shit yet you ditch me straight as you said that. Go on and ask my friends that I've had for years, I'm not some user like my fucking ex
Who - Sharn, Destiny, Blood/Marshall, Luna, Abyss and JJ/Cyba

They were one of the many many people with their families at a event for families, they were toddlers. They got kidnapped by being lead into a shed full of toys. Their families haven't been able to find them after they disappeared, later police cars everywhere. When they were brought to a place by Destery (he was just all black so they wouldn't recognise him) (he's insane at times like Destiny but he's much worse) and Syndel after they got trapped in the small shed. They were shoved in small see-through containment chambers and locked. Destery and Syndel experimented things that they're weak to on them to work on which ingredients would work for a curse for each of them since they're the most powerful and different. Destiny has the worst curse, she also has Cthylla merged with her thanks to Destery and the reason why she has a growing deficiency and why it runs in her blood. Blood is made from the bad/evil blood of Marshall, specific things were done to make him angry, Destery injected Destinys blood in him and Blood was born. Only Marshall/Blood knows who it was, Marshall is too scared to do anything and Blood protects him. Sharn is blind but she has fire powers that are dangerous and she can't control them so she doesn't use them at all. They got tortured until they died slowly in excruciating pain, they keep dying over and over from it wanting to be dead forever and their powers are much more powerful.

-Destiny has a glass eye (right).

-dangerous asf (Luna is the only kind one and Sharn is just neutral).

-you know they're near if you smell a strong odour of death.

-they stay in a group, homeless (but lived in trees) for 10 years, in that time it's good to not go near them (Destiny is the leader).

-EVERYONE is scared of Midnight (Destiny even lets her be the boss when she's around)

-Midnight is the negative emotions of Luna, protector of the universes and also gets called "Mother Night"
- I'm not gonna draw birthday gifts for anyone anymore since no one does them for me

-I've been busy lately with school and my boyfriend, tell me if I forgot about a art trade

-I still feel sad from what happened on my birthday so anyone wanna talk or rp?
I'm gonna draw evil girls or guys and I needa know their height if anyone wants me to draw them (yeah I know I suck at explaining)

And does anyone wanna ship their love child with mine?
Aight I have to make close friends that are girls. I already have Marcy, Kage, Laras and Emily, I need more ;A;
I'm gonna seem like the cunt here as always but I made my OC ship with Mysterion and not Kenny (although they're the same person) to be different. Other people make rip offs of my characters, I wanna be different, please stop copying off me. I wanna have my ocs different you know, I'm sick of making new ones so people don't copy them but they get copied anyways. I know no one gives any fucks about me but still, it's really fucking annoying
Anyone wanna do an art trade? I'll do my part when I'm feeling better, I'll do one with anyone. I need a bunch to do and choose which style
Single ocs (that I want them to find love lol):

Siren (kid of Angie and Shadow)
Razor (kid of Kafka and Terrador
Raisha (kid of Marshall/Blood and Reyna)
Harley (Sirens older sister)
Grim and Reaper (twins of Destiny and Arien)
Harlette (suicide angel)
Absynth (kid of Raven and Darren)
Since I can't think of any designs for Luna's dad, Luna's dad is the sun though. I've ran out of designs for once, artblock much lol (rip)

Sooo...I thought of making a contest, the only thing you'll need to add in is curly hair of fire hair. It'll be a bonus with both (higher chance of winning?) I dunno how to do these things lol don't judge

The deadline would be on Halloween cause why not, the prizes can't be better cause I'm saving up my money instead of spending them on points

1st place is 5 drawings coloured in (any style, same with second and third place)
2nd place is 3 drawings coloured in
3rd place is 1 drawing coloured in
I'm bored and I need to get my mind off my bad fever and now every time I cough my nose bleeds, need to keep myself from coughing

1. Michael Jnr: *arguing aggressively with Deathazen*

2. Willow: *sitting with Annale and Killa*

3. Estalia: *sitting with Luna*

4. Cyba: *curled up* *looks at the ground*

5. Marshmallow: *adult* *laying on her back and looking up at the sky* *rubs her belly*
Sorry but I might not do art for another few days cause I'm in a lot of pain and I'm ill
Since most people hate me now and I know I'm gonna get bullied more. Most of you don't believe the truth and I'm sick of her playing the would you like to be called evil by your best friend? For some reason I can't deactivate my account which I tried numerous times, I'll only be on here to answer messages from my friends. Real friends.

Although no one will fucking care or believe and care that I was crying yesterday